Habs Tradition Of Buying Gifts For Underprivileged Children Continued This Year Also

The Montreal Canadiens have the tradition of buying gifts for those children who are underprivileged on Christmas. This year as well they are maintaining their annual holiday tradition.

It is being almost a decade that the Canadiens have joined hands with OpérationPère Noël, an organization that do charity works with youth lives centers around Montreal.

OpérationPère Noël gives the Canadiens letters to Santa after which the players’ partners along with the other members of the organization, go and get the gifts.

The community relations for the Canadiens executive director Geneviève Paquette said that the request that they receive does not remain always for toys.

Paquette said, “A girl wrote in the letter that she wish she could see her parents for Christmas,”

“Another little boy wrote a letter and asked for a gift card to a grocery store to help his parents to get food.”

However, Paquette said, request for winter jackets and shoes remains the most common items on the list.

Julie Hemsky, who is married to Ales Hemsky, who is a Canadiens forward is expecting their first child in April.

She said, “I usually buy gifts for teenagers, but this time, I have shifted my focus to newborns.

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