Province Wide Screening Program For Colon Cancer Detection

A program that screens for the early detection of colon cancer will now be available across the New Brunswick province.

The program started four years back in certain parts of New Brunswick is now getting expanded to the province-wide.

Cancer specialists believe that this expansion of the program will help in saving the lives of many people. The program is designed to detect the chances of colon cancer in people who do not have any family history or personal history of colon cancer.

According to Dr. Eshwar Kumar of the New Brunswick Colon Cancer Program, the screening program was a huge success. The program has helped the doctors to pick up the things early and prevent cancers from spreading or forming. This gives longer life to people and they remain more productive in life.

The specialists are of opinion that the ability to prevent disease like cancer and live longer will make people more positive towards their life and to the society as well.

Premier Gallant has already announced $1million support to expand the program across the province. Gallant said that every family will have at least one member who suffered the pain of cancer. The earlier cancer detection has enabled them to get the right treatment.

The specialist wants the people of New Brunswick to participate in surveys regarding the program.

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