New Brunswick Affected by Flash Freeze

Heavy rains have hit the New Brunswick province this weekend. Many people from the Southeast areas of the province were forced to leave their house due to flash flooding.

Earlier environment Canada has issued weather predictions of heavy rain, freezing snow, and flash freezes. The northern part of the province experienced rain, snow and flash freezes. During the weekend, New Brunswick experienced the messiest weather.

Within a time period of 24 hours, most parts received more than 100 milliliters of rain. The highest rainfall was received at Mechanic settlement located between Sussex and Fundy National Park. This part received 129 milliliters of rain within 48 hours.

Greg McCallum, the director of New Brunswick’s Emergency Measures Organization, said that the weather during the weekend has resulted in flooding in certain areas of the province. Localized flooding resulted from ice blocked drainage.

The road closures and infrastructure damages have made the situation worse for some communities. More than 10,000 people have remained without power during the weekend.

EMO provided the boats required for emergency evacuation of people from their homes by the fire department. Sussex town arranged emergency shelters for the people evacuated at the University of Kingswood.

Trout Creek River, Miramichi River, Cannan River and other waterways in New Brunswick were also flooded.

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