Couple Shares Home With 12 Goats

Charlie Brien and Mary Lloyd got married a year and a half ago. She asked for a special thing from the groom, the permission to keep some goats.

To make his bride happy, Charlie agreed with her. He thought he has four acres of land and will be able to handle his wife’s request easily.

But things didn’t turn out the way he imagined. The couple is now sharing their home with five adolescent goats and seven kids. Most of the time during the day, the goats are inside the house.

According to Lloyd, they are behaving like dogs. They enter the house in the morning and will have breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks with them.

Mary said that the babies have learned to go to the barn at night only a few days ago. However, she feels that leaving the kids in the barn in the cold climate is a cruel thing to do.

The new parents require a lot of patience as their kids can get really mischievous at times. They scurry around in the house and hop on and off from the furniture as if they are their gym equipment.

Baking the cookies has become a challenging task for the mom as Danny goat loves to eat the cookies. They also love to play with Tupperware. The parents love every moment of it, so please don’t feel bad for them.

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