Missing New Brunswick Teen Not Traced Even After 30 Years

Kimberly Ann Amero vanished into thin air just 48 hours before her 16th birthday. The date she vanished was on September 3rd, 1985. She was at a fair in the east end of the city.

Her sister Tammy Cormier Raynes says that Kim was lively, energetic and a social butterfly. She was there at the fair with Kimberly. Tammy said that Kim told her friends that she will be right back and vanished. No one has heard of her since then.

Now, 32 years have gone by since Kimberly vanished in 1985. There is no trace of her and no one knows where she is or what has happened to her. Kim had blonde hair and blue eyes. Her case is a baffling one for the NB police. It haunts her family even now. The neighbors also are still aghast as to what has happened to her.

After so many years, an amateur investigator has decided to solve the case and to find Kimberly. Joseph Worden has researched about this case for many hours by going through maps, aerial photos, property records and old newspapers.

The family members feel that her missing was first treated as a runaway case. There have been promising leads that have come up in this case, but nothing substantial till date.

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