Porch Lights Turned On Supporting NB Teen’s Online Movement 

Many would remember the #BeccaToldMeTo movement created by the teenager Rebecca Schofield. She finally had to succumb to the dreaded brain cancer at the age of 18. Her act of kindness was an inspiration to many and she was very popular online.

In a gesture to support her good deeds, all the residents turned on their porch lights across North America in honor of this teenage sensation. She died of brain cancer last Saturday evening.

There were hundreds of members of her popular #BeccaToldMeTo movement Facebook page who said that they will be turning on their porch lights as a gesture for the good deeds that the girl had brought about online. The places where the porch light honor for Rebecca took place included Canada, Florida, Texas, and California.

The post on the Facebook page was shared as many as 2,200 times until Monday. Her final request for her supporters was to continue the good work that she was doing. Her supporters have come out in the open saying that they will take Rebecca’s movement forward.

A one-day home care owner posted on the Facebook page that she will be offering free childcare for a week in honor of Rebecca and her good deeds.

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