4 NB Roads Find Place In Atlantic Canada’s 2018 Worst Roads List

The New Brunswick province was in joint first position along with the Nova Scotia province in the 2018 Top 10 worst roads list in Atlantic Canada. This was an annual survey conducted by the CAA Atlantic to find out the worst roads in Canada.

Four roads in New Brunswick featured in the worst roads list. The Route 616 roadwork did not survive the winter this season and has gotten severely damaged looks like it is a long road ahead for the major highway repairs.

The top spot went to Route 616 in Keswick Ridge. The potholes and the cracks on this road were rebuilt and readied by the contractor last summer. The stretch has already broken up and many holes are seen along the route. The residents are quite unhappy with the work done by the contractor.

The government has said that the route 616 road will be repaired in June. This road has featured in the worst roads list in 2015 and 2017 as well. The Pine Glen Road, which is about 8 kilometers south of Moncton, comes second in the list. It was on the last year’s list as well. The Route 101 in Hoyt, New Brunswick gets the 5th place and Moncton’s Université Avenue gets the 8th place.

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