Northern NB Could Profit Millions From Biathlon Nationals

There are many New Brunswick citizens who are worried that the snow storms and the subzero temperatures are continuing even now. But, there is one community in New Brunswick that is happy that the winter season is getting extended.

Charlo is a small village that is located about 32 km east of Campbell town. This is the venue for the 2018 Canadian biathlon championships will be held this week. It is conducted by the Les Aventuriers Ski Club.

The best biathletes of Canada will be taking part in this event, according to competition Chief Marc Lévesque. This is an event that features a combination of cross-country ski racing and target shooting. The biathletes will be shooting at mechanical targets in both prone and standing positions.

As many as 172 competitors will be heading to Charlo this week. Among them will be 8 national teams and Olympians who have taken part in the recent concluded 2018 winter Olympic Games in South Korea. The event will feature more than 50 coaches and staff from different regions. More than 200 volunteers will be working on this site throughout the 6 days of the event.

The event’s chairperson Joseph Elias is expecting big bucks to be generated from the event.

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