How Much Does NB Support Bilingualism?

The Dialogue New Brunswick’s new CEO Nadine Duguay Lemay wants to know how much support is there for bilingualism in NB. New Brunswick is the only province in Canada with bilingualism. She wants to know how New Brunswickers feel about the bilingualism.

Nadine has taken the CEO Job just a few weeks ago and she has started to study on the NB bilingualism subject. The company she is working for is a non-profit organization that is looking to strengthen the relationship between the Francophones and the Anglophones.

Through her study, Nadine wants to develop a good relationship between these two bilinguals by making them talk and listen to each other. There have been instances where the relationship between the French-speaking and the English speaking New Brunswickers have gone out of control. She wants to get deeper into the subject and collect more evidence on this enmity.

Nadine says that bilingualism is a very sensitive subject and needs to be handled properly. It brings out a lot of emotion from the people and it develops from emotions. In order to get to the root of the problem, one needs to dig deep. There should be a background check done on this. She wants to make NB a place where bilingualism is celebrated.

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About the Author: Erin Phan

Erin Phan Is a researcher and law student at York University (TORONTO). She has worked as the Director of the Graduate Lawyering Program. She worked for American law firms in Moscow, Russia for three years. Hegraduated from Columbia Law School, Columbia School of International and Public Affairs and Harvard College. She research interest is in human rights and health law, with a particular focus on the law and policy of vaccination.

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