University Of New Brunswick Removes Racist Posters From Campus

Many buildings at the University of New Brunswick carried racist and narrow-minded message posters. The campus officials have removed all the posters. The posters asked the readers not to heed the anti-white story that is being talked about in the media and university.

The poster carried a red ensign flag at the top. The message on the poster was “Overwhelmingly, Native Americans are the beneficiaries, and not victims, of the society built by Europeans.”

The spokesperson of the University, David Stonehouse, said that the messages in the poster were racist and intimidating. He said that the removal of these posters on the University buildings was initiated as they found it to be derogatory. They want the university to be a respectful and safe area for the UNB community members. He said that the University applauds the critical thoughts and respectful dialogues. But, it will not tolerate any disrespectful and unpleasant comments on any group.

The Associate professor in ancient history at the University of New Brunswick, Matthew Sears, said that a few of the students feel hurt and surprised about the wordings that the posters carried.

The posters on the University campus are anonymous and do not carry any email addresses or names. The campus security has started to investigate the poster issue.

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