New Brunswick Museum To Get A New Home

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The New Brunswick Museum would be shifted from its current location to the uptown Saint John area if everything falls into place. The officials said that the NB people would see the museum set up on the old Canadian coast if the funds for the same are allotted to them.

The NB provincial government is looking to buy a waterfront property spreading over 0.8 hectares for the new museum. It will replace the present two facilities. The NB Premier Brain Gallant shared this news.

The government will be looking to buy the waterfront property before the deal gets over by September 30. There are not many details about the purchase divulged by the Premier. The election is slated to take place on September 24. There is no commitment from the federal government about the funding for this proposed museum project of NB.

Gallant has said that the talks so far have been positive and he is confident of getting some money to kick-start the project. He is only worried about how much money that he would be getting from the federal government. He said that they are going to work with their counterparts in Ottawa. No estimate for the proposed project has been made so far.

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