Marine Harvest To Set Farms At Bay Of Fundy

Marine Harvest Norway, the big name in salmon aquaculture, is planning to move to the Bay of Fundy. They have purchased Northern Harvest based in Newfoundland recently.

This deal gives nine farm sites to Marine Harvest in the Bay of Fundy. It also has a processing plant located in St. George. The company has filed the necessary papers with the Federal competition bureau.

Alf-Helge Aarskog, Marine Harvest’s CEO, revealed that company never had operations in the Bay of Fundy and the whole process was highly interesting for the company. Marine Harvest Seafood Company is operating in 18 countries and has more than 12,700 employees.

The purchase agreement with Northern Harvest is a great step to foray into the marine food market on the Eastern Coast of North America.

According to Aarskog, the proximity of the Bay of Fundy to Boston, Central Canada, and the Eastern US is the main advantage of the location. He also said that the salmon farms here can ship the fish to the smoking plant of Marine Harvest at Belfast in Maine.

He, however, feels that the growth potential is very limited in the Bay of Fundy. But, the company can look forward to the potential of Newfoundland. Though sea lice are a problem in these parts, he is confident that the issue can be managed.

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