Forest Fire Season In Province Starts Next Week

The forest fire season in Brunswick begins next week. People starting category 1 fire which is three meters in diameter or less should ensure that burning is permitted in the area. People can visit the website of the Department of Energy and Resource Development to get information. Any large-sized burning activity belonging to category 23 and 4 require written permission from the authorities.

The forest fires act of the province states that anyone who lights the fire on any forest lands is responsible for the fire and is liable for the cost of fighting the fire or replacing the properties damaged by the fire if the fire gets out of control. The person ignited the fire may have to face criminal charges for violating the fire regulations.

The forest fire season in Brunswick is from the third Monday in April to October 31st every year if not indicated otherwise.

During the forest fire season, some industrial operations on forest land require the work permit. Work permits are available from the district offices of the Department of Energy and Resource Development. Industrial operations without a valid permit can get tickets for $604.50.

About 50 acres of land in Miscou Island in New Brunswick was consumed by the forest fire in August 2017.

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