NB Minimum Wage Hike From April 1st

Minimum wages for the workers in New Brunswick will increase to $11.25 per hour from April 1st. The present minimum wage for Brunswickers is $11 per hour.

The Finance Minister of New Brunswick, Cathy Rogers, said that the people are expecting government investments to improve the economy. They are looking for investments which will improve the quality of their life.

She believes that the increase in wage will stimulate the economy and make the economy stronger. The Finance Minister is expected that the low wage earners will now have more money for their needs and they will be able to have a good life in New Brunswick.

She was speaking on behalf of Gilles Lepage, the Minister for Labor, Employment, and Population Growth.

Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island are the other provinces where the minimum wage hike will be implemented from April 1.

The minimum wage increase will be indexed to the Consumer Price Index of New Brunswick and this crucial move will provide the minimum wage earners to get consistent and fair wages according to the rise in the cost of goods and other services.

This is the fourth increase in minimum wage from December 2014. These increases in wage fulfill the commitment made by the Government on poverty reduction.

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