Fredericton Roads Closed Due To Rising Flood Waters

Flooding caused by the recent spell of rain and warm temperature in New Brunswick lead to the closure of many streets in the area on Friday afternoon. Spilling of St. John River over the banks affect the New Brunswick communities.

Fredericton and many other areas in the province are under caution.

The districts which issued road closures include

  • District 1.
  • District 2.
  • District 5.
  • District 6.
  • Fredericton city.

In Fredericton, the following parking areas were evacuated

  • Brunswick street garage.
  • The below ground level of east end garage.
  • Parking area on York Street.
  • Below the ground level of Frederick Square Garage.
  • Campbell parking.
  • Officer’s square.
  • Upper Queen-street parking lot.
  • Basement parking at Chancery place.
  • Parking lots in low lying areas of Brunswick, St. John, Campbell, Queen, York Street and Carleton.

A flood alert was issued for the weekend in the New Brunswick capital. Parts of Fredericton are already flooded and another rise in river water is expected by the weekend.

An alert has been issued for next 48 hours due to the rapid rise in water level. The St. John River rose over flood stage on Friday morning. Fredericton city has reported water level of 8 meters on Friday.

According to reports The Nashwaak, Salmon, Restigouche, Middle, Tetagouche, and Miramichi rivers are likely to be flooded.

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