F.-A.-Gauthier Ferry Breaks Down With 200 Passengers On board

For a second time in less than two months, an electrical failure stopped the F.-A.-Gauthier ferry in the middle of the St. Lawrence River on Saturday night, with more than 200 passengers on board.

The ship, which was heading for Matane from Baie-Comeau, broke down at around 7:30 pm after an electrical problem caused the engine to shut down, said the spokesman for the Ferry Company Of Quebec (STQ), Maryse Brodeur.

The ferry was about 4 kilometers from its destination at the time of the incident.

It carried 217 passengers and 98 vehicles.

“Two of the four thrusters returned to power 45 minutes later,” said Brodeur.

The ship arrived at the dock with about 2h30 delay.

At the end of the evening, the STQ confirmed to the Journal that all engines had regained their power and that the ferry FA-Gauthier could resume service on Sunday.
Not the first time

On 1 July, FA-Gauthier broke down in similar circumstances. More than 200 passengers had to wait off the coast of Matane for 6 hours. The ferry service was then interrupted for nearly three days.

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