“Shatter” Seized From Federal Atlantic Institution Prison

A package containing drugs, including the marijuana concentrate “shatter” has been seized from the federal Atlantic institution prison in New Brunswick.

According to the release made by jail authorities, the contraband included 27 grams of Shatter, most potent form of cannabis.

Shatter looks like a layer of thin toffee or maple syrup on a sheet of wax paper. It is prepared by extracting the cannabis marijuana resin and is mainly used for “Dabbing”. Shatter has high levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol; the level exceeds 80 to 90 percent.

The Canadian correctional service has heightened their security measures to prevent the inflow of contraband into the jail. They are using tools like ion scanners and dogs trained to detect drugs to search the prison building, its premises inmates, the personal properties, and visitors.

The details regarding when the seizure happened or how the officers were able to detect the drug inside the jail have not been revealed. This marijuana derivative has arrived on the drug scene in the country only 3-4 years back.

The evidence of the incident at the Renous prison has been handed over to the RCMP for further investigations. The drug-related offenses are on the rise and it has become a cause of concern for the RCMP.

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