Coast Guards Called In To Fight Floods

The rising floodwaters in New Brunswick have caused evacuations and immense property damages and closure of many roads in Moncton–Fredericton highway.

The flood waters have already crossed the record levels in areas like St. John and a further rise is expected this week. The flood waters have become so strong that even the tides were not able to beat the floods back. New Brunswick has called the Canadian coast guard to grapple the situation. They are experiencing the worst spring floods in a few decades.

The floods are so severe that the residents of the St. John region have vacated their homes. The traffic is also affected along the Trans-Canadian highway. As many as 80 bridges and roads have been closed to prevent further damages and causalities. Many of the roadways and ramps have also been partly closed.

The weather events seen by the New Brunswick province were a never seen before event, according to the NB Premier Brian Gallant. He says that many of the parts of the NB’s downtown are flooded with waters for a few days now.

Brian feels that this flood could become the largest and the most troublesome flood that NB has ever seen. He is aware that the flood situation in NB is putting the resources and the people to a serious test.

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