Poor Weather Causes School Cancellations

New Brunswick schools were forced to cancel the classes due to nasty weather on Thursday. The slippery roads with piles of snow greeted the New Brunswickers on Thursday morning.

The province experienced overnight snow blast, which forced the schools to cancel work.  The schools in zones 4 to 9 of the Anglophone west districts remained closed. In zone 3, the school buses were delayed for an hour.

In the Eastern Anglophone school district, schools in Sackville, Port Elgin, and Dorchester were closed. In North Anglophone, schools in Rexton and Miramichi areas remained closed. In the province, where the schools remained open, the buses were delayed by 1 hour.

According to Mike Walker, the roadways operations manager for Fredericton City, the snow-covered main roads were a major problem. The roadway operations were able to create bare pavements by sprinkling salt.

The spokesperson of SNC- Lavalin, Felicia Murphy, informed that the highway extending from Quebec to Grand Falls was covered with patches of snow and ice. On Thursday, the temperature was -8 degrees C.

She also warned of poor visibility for motorists on route 95, particularly for areas extending from Woodstock to U.S border. On Friday, however, the province experienced sunny weather with a better temperature of -6 degrees C.

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