New Brunswick Housing Authority Board State Appointee Finalized

Governor Chris Christie is soon going to relinquish his office. He has made a new appointment to the city’s housing board before leaving office. The State Appointee for the New Brunswick Housing Authority Board was not filled for many years. Now, the Governor has appointed Ramon Alayon, the Boraie Redevelopment real estate agent to this post.

The Governor announced this during his final State of the State Address. He has a few more days left before leaving his Governor’s office. An 8-member board governs the New Brunswick Housing and Redevelopment Authority. This is the office that looks into the public housing affairs of the city. It also looks after the redevelopment projects in the city.

Alayon was among the many appointees announced on January 10. He was able to make the cut to the post. As per the law, Alayon can stay on the board until he wants to resign. He will have to give up his job if the Department of Community Affairs forces him.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the housing authority in the recent months. It is accused of not carrying out the proper division of the housing grants. The ball is now in the hands of Ramon Alayon to set things right.

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