5,100 New Jobs Added By NB In February

New Brunswick is one of the provinces in Canada to have added more new jobs in February than the other provinces. It has accounted for 5,100 of the total full time and part time jobs in February. Overall Canada was able to add 15,000 jobs in February.

The New Brunswick province saw its unemployment rates in February fell from its January figures. The unemployment rate is now at 8.2%, which means it has fallen by 0.9 percentage points when compared to January.

The statistics custodian is saying that no one should read too much into this month, to month changes of job employment and should take into account the year to year comparison. This will provide a clear picture of where the New Brunswick job and employment status stands.

Out of the 5,100 jobs added by New Brunswick in January, 3,900 were full-time jobs and the remaining 1,200 were part-time jobs. There are a lot of jobs that were opened in the technical and professional side. NB has the second lowest unemployment rate in the Atlantic region in February.

As many as 1600 jobs were opened in the manufacturing sector. 800 of the New Brunswick unemployed people were able to get placed on transportation and warehousing jobs.

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