New Brunswick Ready To Provide Adoption Information

The New Brunswick provincial government informed that they are ready to provide information about adoption. The information seekers will even get the birth records if needed.

According to the government officials, adult adoptees, adult children of deceased adoptees or birth parents can apply for details of adoption from April 1st. The adopted children are eligible to apply for information once they are about 19 years of age.

Stephan Horsman, The Minister of Families and Children, said that the change in the procedure indicates that the attitude towards adoption is changing. He also added that there are many adopted people who are interested in knowing about their past and original relatives.

To apply for adoption information, one needs to complete the prescribed form which can be obtained from Department Of Social Development and submit the same to Post Adoption Disclosure Services.

For the adoptions that have happened before April 1st, the information regarding identity will be disclosed only if there is no disclosure veto filed by the parent or the adoptee.

For adoptions that take place after April 1st, 2018, the information will be available only after the adoptee becomes 19 years.

New Brunswick claims that it can provide access to provincial adoption records for 100 years.

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