Province Does Little To Quell Worries of Estey’s Bridge Quarry Opponents

Residents living in Douglas and Estey’s Bridge say they are disappointed following a meeting with government officials regarding the rock quarries near their homes. A group of upset residents made an appointment with Perry Haines, assistant deputy environment minister, but he never showed up for the meeting.

Instead, the group said they were assigned to lower-level employees, who simply wrote down their troubles. When contacted, the department said the group never requested for Haines to be at the meeting.

The quarry in question is the Mira Quarry located on Royal Road. It was opened at the end of 2014, and the residents say it’s time to shut it down. The people living in close proximity complain about the potential health risks, increased traffic, dust, and truck noise the quarry brings.

Furthermore, they claim their property values have decreased since it was opened. Now with the introduction of a second quarry being proposed, the residents want the existing Mira Quarry closed and the second to never happen.

Angered residents have fought the environmental department on this for three years, and they are becoming increasingly upset not being able to simply ask questions and receive answers. They say they will not stop fighting and hope to get their way soon.

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About the Author: Trey Nelson

Trey Nelson has over six years experience as a teacher, ecologist, zoologist and botanist. She has a B.S. from Cornell University, and a Ph.D. in biology from Harvard University Graduate School. His professional expertise in environmental health empacts has been recognized since 1973, when she testified at a New York DEC public hearing in Utica on ground truthing aerial photo wetland mapping by wetland community type. He taught (HS) Physics, Geology, Oceanography, Chemistry and photography from 1970-1980 at Palfrey Street School, Watertown, MA. Aproject: National Cooperative Highway Research Program.

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