Wood Ducks In New Brunswick Need Nesting Boxes

The natural habitat of wood ducks is shrinking in New Brunswick. Ducks Unlimited is encouraging people to build nesting boxes for the ducks and place them in ideal locations.

The preferred nesting location of wood ducks is the cavities of old trees near the water bodies, unlike the other ducks which make the nest on the ground along the riverbanks.

Dominique Williams, from Ducks Unlimited said that, New Brunswickers will be able to help the wood ducks by building the nesting boxes and placing them in areas where the babies can have a safe landing.

She also said that it is difficult to make the children understand how the baby ducks reaches the ground from the nesting boxes on the tree.

She said that the baby ducks jump to the ground from the nest and hence it is important to place the nest boxes in areas with soft ground to catch them safe while landing. An information session was conducted by Ducks Unlimited on nest box building a few days back.

Williams said that the nest boxes will help in maintaining the population of wood ducks in the area. She said that the urban development with the tendency to remove dead trees is affecting the wood duck population.

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