Why User Experience Will Continue to Drive Marketing Technology Decisions for Companies in 2019

MINNEAPOLIS – 01-11-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — With shifting consumer preferences and clustered competitive landscapes, businesses that incorporate the latest and greatest in technology solutions can effectively place themselves front and center in the eyes of their target market. Software that allows for automation, artificial intelligence, and other advanced technologies help companies break through the clutter of ads and marketing messages that inundate consumers every day. 


However, it requires a considerable amount of effort to implement new tech in a business’s operations, including significant time and costs invested into training employees who will become users of the system. Even after training, some employees still choose to forgo using the technology or use it inefficiently. 


Forward-thinking business owners are prioritizing software that is easy to understand and use without rigorous and time-consuming training and business technology solution vendors are catching on. Technology solution vendors have started to put increased focus on consumer-grade user interface and user experience in their products.


“Business owners don’t want to integrate technologies that will be difficult for their employees to use,” said Matt Haws, Director of Marketing at MediaBeacon, a digital asset management (DAM) company that works towards organizing, storing, and streamlining a company’s digital marketing assets. 


“They want tech that is highly functional yet requires minimal training, so we are focused on creating software that is as intuitive as the apps on your phone,” continued Haws. “We want our customers to hit the ground running as soon as their DAM is installed.” 


Companies that prioritize implementing marketing technologies that are capable of meeting their business needs while still being easy to use will not only save money, but will be able to drive user adoption. This allows them to start using the technology sooner for its primary purposes: to connect with consumers easier, to beat out competition, and to improve the business as a whole. For example, companies that use DAM technology are able to customize their content more efficiently so they can interact with their consumers when it matters most. 


There is a certain level of risk that comes with technological change: If a business fails to adapt, they will fall behind. But businesses that leverage new tech to enhance their products and processes will position themselves as leaders in their respective industries. As we head into 2019, look for more CEOs and CTOs to start implementing marketing technology solutions that not only upgrade their business, but are intuitive for their users as well. 

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