Data breach compromises thousands of email addresses at UNB

The “Collection #1” breach saw millions of email addresses and passwords being posted online this month. The University of New Brunswick (UNB) alerted faculty and staff members after they found shared institution data on the web.

The Computer Breach “Collection #1” includes millions of email addresses and passwords.

It would be an aggregation of data from thousands of sources, collected over the years. The result of this intrusion into personal data was published on a cloud computing ..

According to UNB’s cyber security officer, Erik Denis, 40% of UNB’s 4500 email addresses transferred to the cloud are still active.

It’s important to tell people to be careful because once the data is compromised, it gives hackers the impression that these people are less aware of what’s going on , says Denis.

What to do?
Once the email address is exposed, it becomes impossible to erase it, says Erik Denis. People can nevertheless be extra careful.

The biggest risk is to use the same password for all online accounts.

If a hacker hackers one of your accounts with the password, you must assume that all other accounts are also compromised , says Denis.

A two-factor identification is important because it adds a security step at the time of connection. Piracy becomes more difficult as well.

A password manager can be useful for creating and maintaining many combinations of complex passwords without having to remember them.

The experience of the user has become more complex, but it is unfortunately the world in which we live , observes the specialist in cybersecurity.

Inactive accounts, such as unused Hotmail IDs for years, should be removed, suggests Denis.

He believes that the more people are concerned about their IT security, the less likely they will be at risk if there is a major security breach.

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