Halifax Weather Man Finds Live Scorpion In Bananas

A Nova Scotia weather man was surprised by a recent visit to a Costco  in Halifax.

In unpacking after a visit to the grocery store, Nathan Coleman, who works for The Weather Network, found a scorpion alive in a bag of bananas.

The reporter explained that his 11-year-old daughter had spotted something squirming in a plastic bag.

He said that he had ignored his daughter’s comments at first, telling her that she must have been a slug.

Coleman’s mother subsequently set aside the bananas and lifted the bag to see what looked like a scorpion.

“It was as frightening as it was shocking,” said Nathan Coleman in an interview. It’s such a strange “bibitte.”

As a reporter, Mr. Coleman had the opportunity to cover many unusual news related stories, but he confesses that he never thought of finding a creeping scorpion among his purchases.

“It is indeed very surreal,” he said. I cover all the Atlantic provinces, but I did not have to go far to find this story. She was right in my kitchen. ”

A video posted on The Weather Network’s web portal – which has been seen over 114,000 times – shows Mr. Coleman on his balcony holding a plastic bag where a scorpion of the size of the palm Of a hand.

The man placed the arachnid inside two bags to take him to the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History where he was observed.

He received an apology from a manager at the Costco warehouse and was told that the company had opened an investigation into the incident.

Mr. Coleman is concerned about what could have happened to his one-year-old daughter or baby if the insect had escaped.

“I think it would have been funnier if I had been younger … but I have children and have that (scorpion) so close, we were lucky,” he commented.

Mr. Coleman hopes to know if the scorpion is poisonous and how he has traveled thousands of kilometers.

Costco did not immediately respond to a request for comments on Monday.

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About the Author: Carrie Brunner

Carrie Brunner grew up in a small town in northern New Brunswick. She studied chemistry in college, graduated, and married her husband one month later. They were then blessed with two baby boys within the first four years of marriage. Having babies gave their family a desire to return to the old paths – to nourish their family with traditional, homegrown foods; rid their home of toxic chemicals and petroleum products; and give their boys a chance to know a simple, sustainable way of life. They are currently building a homestead from scratch on two little acres in central Texas. There’s a lot to be done to become somewhat self-sufficient, but they are debt-free and get to spend their days living this simple, good life together with their five young children. Carrie writes mostly on provincial stories.

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