Cursive Writing in Museum

This news tells about the museum scriptures are very hard to reading. So they want to rewrite the scriptures, that was very easy to read and understandable to others. People want to know our history details clearly, everyone want to work in the crew, and interestingly, people read their life history without any hesitation.

The museum department is more helpful for this project. The government encourages the officers for do that work. The school and college students are very eagerly waiting for that moment. That work was very hard but everyone liked that. Because people want to know about their past. Because our past is more valuable than others. We try to save our history. The Canada government also want their history to get updated. The Canada prime minister encourages the people happily for this work.

The museum department is very eagerly waiting for this historical change. Because they try to rewrite the old scriptures and that is very interesting too. They all are eagerly waiting for this, to read their past. Because it’s more valuable than any other things.


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