Press Release Writing and PR Distribution Services are Highways to Reach the Mass Audience

A press release is a piece of writing that may contain any kind of news or announcements that is directed toward a large group of audience. Organizations and businesses all around the world often use press release distribution services to communicate with the mass audience.

In order to have a high ROI(return on investment), the first part is to write a press release, then select good pr distribution(press release) service provider to submit the press release. The press release writing should be in a way that is clearly understandable while sustaining the attention of a potential reader. Another important factor is the use of relevant keywords for better exposure in search engines., a leading global press release distribution provider is serving customers with press release writing and distribution services with their large distribution network. The company offers the Premium, Premium Pro and Premium Concierge PR Distribution plan to their customers provides guaranteed placement in 35 to over 200 media outlets. These plans cost $69, $129, and $299 respectively.

The Premium Concierge pr distribution plan is designed to have a massive outreach that ensures placement in over 200 media outlets, including top-tier newswires such as FOX, CBS, NBC and ABC; spreads the press release to the Concierge Perpetual Wire. The best part about this plan is that newsworthy press releases get featured on sites like The Washington Post, Bloomberg, AP, Forbes and New York Magazine. Every pr distribution plan gives a press release placement on their news section, along with Google, Yahoo and Bing inclusion for increased search engine visibility. Here is how many results on Google an average press release shows and a screenshot of a pr that was featured on New York Magazine, distributed by

In order to build a long-standing online reputation, customers often look for bulk pricing on pr distribution services so that they can use pr distribution services on a regular basis. has a solution for them that is the Monthly and Annual Press Release Subscriptions. A customer can save thousands of dollars(up to 50% discount on each PR) every month using these subscriptions and the discounts depend on the desired pr distribution plan and the number of press releases needed each month.

For more information about the PRCopywriter pr writing services or Submit a press release, visit: is continuously serving its customers with press release writing and distribution services, as a Highway to reach the Mass Audience and Highest ROI(return on investment).


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 Original Story: Press Release Writing and PR Distribution Services are Highways to Reach the Mass Audience

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