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Many of the lawyers and law firms who are practicing law for a long time often have a belief that direct face to face interaction is the best way to build up public relations. There is no flaw with this strategy as it’s being implemented effectively and bringing success. Thousands of law students are graduating from law schools every year most of them intend to pass the bar and practice law. The number is increasing every year and the legal sector is becoming more competitive. However, young and also experienced lawyers who are aware of the fact that digital marketing, especially press releases can have a huge impact for getting that first break; for law firms expanding their recognition or building a strong public relations network. The legal press release writing is recommended to be written in a way communicates the message clearly. Another vital element is to utilize the power of search engine friendly keywords. With a little bit of research, the specific keywords can be found and as a result, the press release will have increased search engine visibility. There are also other to build up a reliable reputation online. Here are a few articles that explain the best ways of legal marketing, guidelines on using keyword planner tools and targeting high search volume keywords: Top 10 Legal Marketing Tips How to Target for High Average Monthly Search Volume Keywords How to Do Keyword Research Using The Google Keyword Planner Tool Press Release Jet is the leading global press release distribution provider, rebranded as in mid-2017. The company is consistently helping many Lawyers and Law Firms by providing with a variety of pr(press release) distribution services. A single press release can be distributed by using any one of the three pr distribution plans that guarantee placement in 35 to over 200 media outlets. These plans are designed to suit the needs of everyone and within a price range of $69-$299. People from the legal sector mostly go for the Premium Pro PR Distribution plan which provides guaranteed placement in over 100 media outlets including top-tier newswire like CBS, FOX, NBC, ABC and others. Every pr distribution plan ensures placement of a press release on the news section, along with the inclusion of Google, Yahoo, and Bing for an increased search engine visibility. Lawyers are usually busy people and might not have time to write and submit a press release themselves. The PRCopywriter is the press release writing service that crafts a press release within a short 2-3 business days turnaround. Also, customers can obtain up to $50 discount when they intend to opt-in for a PRCopywriter + PR Distribution bundle plan. Hundreds of legal professionals are regularly using pr distribution services and being able to gain and maintain a strong and wider public relations networks. For information on Monthly and Yearly Subscriptions that offer pr distribution plans in half prices, click here. Nasif Monjurul Contributor Original Story: Legal Press Release Distribution Service and Best Legal Marketing Tips by

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