HOLD THE LINE – A Collaborative Artwork Honoring Doctors, Nurses, and Caregivers

United States – 05-23-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — “It’s all about honoring the collective warrior essence of those who go above and beyond for others.” say co-creators A.D. Cook and Beti Kristof. The artists collaborative tribute honors nurses, doctors, and caregivers who have taken up a first-line defense against the global COVID 19 pandemic. 

“In times like these, we need heroes. While America’s hospitals have no shortage of heroes, per se, it is necessary to pay tribute to those who show up every day and put their lives and family at risk for the health and welfare of others.”While America’s medical professionals understand the risks of their chosen vocation, they never expected the overwhelming bombardment and wartime-level casualties as the COVID Virus has brought on to our great nation. Still, they continue to stand firm in the face of this ongoing challenge. As artists, Beti Kristof and A.D. Cook intended to create something powerful and positive that brings light to these amazing heroes who knowingly go to battle to save people they’ll never even know against an enemy they can’t see until it strikes, because that’s what heroes do. The arts and sciences have had a long-standing relationship. Artists throughout the ages have created visual commentary documenting social and historical events, because that’s what artist do. This larger-than-life painting, HOLD THE LINE, represents America’s resolve during this global crisis at a time when nations and people must come together for a higher purpose. Co-creating illustrates how two individual artists can come together by harmonizing their talents and skills for a shared vision. This painting is not about one artist, one person, one gender, or eye color; it’s about recognizing the warrior in each of us who have inspired the best in ourselves and others and those have given the best of themselves.

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