New Brunswick Apprenticeship And Child Care Services Receive $71 Million

The federal government of Canada and the premiere of New Brunswick are investing a total of $ 71 million to improve early learning and child care services.

The investments will transform at least 300 child care centers into recognized early childhood centers in New Brunswick.

The funding will also be used to provide career development opportunities for early childhood educators and to fund other initiatives to improve early learning and child care in the province.

We all want the best for our children. This agreement with New Brunswick is precisely the same. It will give the children of the province a good start in life and the tools they need to succeed in the future.

Justin Trudeau

New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant is very pleased with the deal: “Providing more affordable, high-quality child care will strengthen families, the middle class and the workforce of tomorrow in New Brunswick. ”

The federal government will invest close to $30 million and the Government of New Brunswick will invest $ 41 million.

Prince Edward Island and Ontario recently signed a bilateral early childhood agreement with Ottawa.

In mid-June, federal, provincial and territorial governments agreed on a $7.5 billion package to create 40,000 child care spaces nationwide.

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