Events in the Åland Islands 2018

Åland offers a wide range of events throughout the year. New for 2018 is Nordic Islands Adventure and Havets röst.

7–11 March     Vera Film Festival

15–19 March     Mariehamn Literature Days

2 May-2 September    Nitti Crafts Exhibition Eckerö Post & Tullhus

25–27 May     Åland Grönskar – Åland Spring Food Festival

9 June                Åland autonomy day celebrations

16 June              Mail rowing contest Eckerö-Grisslehamn

17–21 June       Alandia Cup, junior football cup, Mariehamn

22 June               Midsummer Eve Celebrations

24 June–30 June Åland Organ Festival

29 June-1 July    Baltic Shanty Festival

30 June             Käringsundsloppet på cykel

14 July            Semesterloppet i Eckerö

18-22 July     Åland Maritime Days, Mariehamn

20–28 July          Rockoff  Music Festival, Mariehamn

26–28 July          Viking Fair, Saltvik

4 August          Bomarsund Trail Run, Sund

7–11 August    Katrina Chamber Music Festival

12-18 August    Nordic Islands Adventure

16–18 August    Åland Pride, Mariehamn

31August-1 September   Käringsund Triathlon, Eckerö

8 September    Konstrundan/Art

21–23 September Åland Harvest Festival

22 September Åland Swimrun

29 September Havets röst

13 October    Running competition Kanonloppet & Ålandsmarschen (22.5 km & 15 km)

27 October    Åland Marathon & ½ Marathon www.

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