Vega Cloud, a Liberty Lake, WA Public Cloud technology startup announced today that it has raised $2.3M in its Seed round

LIBERTY LAKE, WA – 09-26-2020 ( — Kick Start, an early-stage venture fund based in Spokane, WA, led the round.  Also participating are Voyager Capital, Tapas Capital, Mind2Market, Bighorn Ventures, Morning Star Foundation and local Angel investors.  The company also secured funding from Ignite Northwest’ Technology Growth Fund.

“We believe that Cloud management as a whole, requires a new approach.  One that is focused on customers and users alike and is fueled by the way real businesses want to use Cloud computing,” said Kris Bliesner, Vega’s CEO and co-founder.  “Cloud infrastructure is currently a $50 billion annual marketplace consumed almost entirely by highly-technical and highly-paid professionals who have spent years developing expertise in the overly complex world of Cloud.  The next $50 billion in infrastructure spend will come from people who are not experts or who cannot afford to train and certify their staff over a period of several years.  It will come from software, and we believe Vega will help usher in this next wave of growth.”“We are excited to partner with Vega to build a better experience for businesses needing cloud resources.  The team is experienced and battle-tested and is well poised to take advantage of a tremendous market opportunity,” said Tom Simpson, Managing Director of Kick Start.Vega Cloud helps businesses of all sizes leverage best practices in their Public Cloud infrastructure.  Whether you are just starting or have over 100 applications in the Cloud today, the Vega Cloud Platform can help you better manage your infrastructure.  The core of Vega’s Cloud Platform is built around optimizing Cloud for cost, performance, reliability, security and risk.  Businesses that have moved to use Public Cloud infrastructure have found that it takes many tools to effectively manage public cloud infrastructure.  Vega’s approach to Public Cloud management is simple: “Don’t let tools manage your Cloud.”  Consumers of Cloud technologies need a platform built with experience and focused on bridging the gap between today’s reporting tools and an operational platform, no matter how big or small their operations are. Copyright (C) 2020 Liberty Lake Cloud, inc. All rights reserved. Liberty Lake Cloud inc., Vega and the Vega logo are registered trademarks of Liberty Lake Cloud, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and certain other countries. All other brands, names or trademarks mentioned may be trademarks of their respective owners. 

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Full Name: Leslie Ho
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