Where to Submit a Press Release? PRDistritbution.com is an Ultimate Guide to Submit a Press Release.

There are nearly 50,000 press releases issued each month. 2,500 per business day, 300 per business hour, one every 12 seconds. In between all those releases to get success by press releasing yours and to get best ROI (Return on Investment, is a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or compare the efficiency of a number of different investments) you have to be smart also, to find out where to submit a press release or the best pr distribution service provider.

PRDistribution.com is the leading pr distribution company allows you to get the highest return on your investment, along with the lowest pricing compared to the other providers in the industry. It takes less than five minutes to submit a press release on PRDistribution.com if it’s already written.

In order to submit a press release, customers has their luxury of choosing one of the three single pr distribution plans as per their needs. The Premium, Premium Pro and Premium Concierge pr distribution plan costs $69, $129, $299 and comes with 35+, 100+ & 200+ guaranteed placements on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Google News, etc. Since they have a quite vast distribution process, all the journals from different industries are interlinked with their processes and affiliated journals from top tier newswires like, ABC, Forbes, Bloomberg News, New York Magazine, etc., are included too. Depending on the newsworthiness of the pr, their customer definitely gets a chance to get their pr picked up by those mentioned top tier outlets by using their different pr distribution pricing plans.

After selecting the pr distribution plan, a customer has to visit the order page, from where they can upload/write the press release. There is an option to add a featured image and multiple audio/video or images within the press release, without any additional charges. Once it’s done, the customer can submit a press release by completing the payment process and an immediate distribution is available also upon request, and it’s also available without any additional charges. Whereas most other pr distribution service providers in the industry charges a significant amount of money for an additional image, video URL and for the immediate distribution also. Nonetheless they send a detailed report to their customers via email, within the next 48 hours from their pr gets distributed.

The press release writing services of PRDistribution.com allows a customer to get their press release writing done by professional and experienced writers. A customer can also save a significant amount of money by taking their pr distribution+pr writing bundle packages. Along with all these a customer can also save thousands of dollars by subscribing to their monthly and annual subscription based pr distribution plans.

Above analysis is definitely an ultimate guide about where to submit a press release! To know more, get in touch with the world class customer support team of PRDistribution.com by visiting their contact page, and a live person will be guiding you instantly!

Al Farazi

Original Story: https://www.prdistribution.com/where-to-submit-a-press-release-prdistritbutioncom-is-an-ultimate-guide-to-submit-a-press-release

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