Magnadyne Launches Sleek New MobileVision MV100 WiFi Booster Solution for RV Enthusiasts

What’s great about the MV100 is that its designed to be installed wirelessly or using an Ethernet cable to provide flexible installation options. Also, being a 12 Volt DC system means it doesn’t need additional adapters or 110 volt source.


Magnadyne has just launched a 12 volt WiFi booster solution for RVs, campers, trailers, toy haulers and coaches using a roof mounted booster and internal router designed for wired or wireless installation. Until now, other designs on the market require 110 volt AC power adapters or special wiring harnesses to power their devices. Owners and installers can wire the included booster and router directly into the 12 volt wiring of the RV or vehicle without the need for extra equipment. Another exclusive feature of the MV100 is the ability for the booster and router to communicate with each other wirelessly or in a traditional wired configuration using an Ethernet cable. MobileVision’s solution is currently the only RV WiFi booster/router combination on the market to feature this choice of wireless communication. True 12 volt power and wireless communication frees the owner of the constraints and hassle of running an Ethernet cable or custom power adapter cables, allowing them to install the unit virtually anywhere in the RV.

Magnadyne has supplied the RV industry for decades and is constantly looking for ways to make the RV experience more comfortable and enjoyable. With the rise of WiFi availability in campgrounds and rest stops, gaining access to the host signal has become an obstacle for RV owners because the signals are often too weak, especially when inside their RV. The MV100 was created to solve this problem while keeping the installation to a minimum. It uses a booster on the roof to pick up the host signal and then passes the signal wirelessly or via Ethernet cable to the internal router that is included in the kit. If a WiFi connection is not available, the MV100 can be connected to a hot spotted LTE device as the host signal. Using this method, all devices relying on the RV's internal network can remain connected to the internet. Once the MV100 is installed in an RV, the owner has complete control of a strong, secure, and reliable WiFi environment using a simple user interface on a phone, tablet, laptop or WiFi enabled radio.

MobileVision MV100 is USA FCC & Canada IC approved and available now on Amazon Prime for $299.95.

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