Learn Details of the Advances in Laser Plastic Welding Market Forecast and Segments, 2016-2024

Albany, NY — 11/15/2017 — Global Industrial sector has shown a number of technological advancement from last couple of decades. As a result, the welding marketplace is undergoing huge changes with specialized focus on offering innovative welding tools/products to various industries. The introduction of laser plastic welding over traditional transmission laser welding has provided the manufacturers a wide range of technological advantage. Through laser plastic welding, now manufacturers can develop high quality of weld joints with simplest joint design at a low price. Laser plastic welding technology uses high-power solid state diode, which provides beam delivery system for a welding equipment. The cost competitiveness coupled with superior weld quality offered by diodes lasers is expected to encourage a significant growth in the laser plastic welding market over the forecast period.

Laser Plastic Welding Market – Market Dynamics:

One of the significant factors contributing towards the growth of the laser plastic welding market is the rampant growth in automotive and electronics sector around the world. Moreover, laser welding is considered as a modern Industrial welding solution for a manufacturing unit and is expected to grow along with the growth of plastic industry. The complexity related to product design along with the increasing demand of plastic based materials has encouraged vendors to introduce new and advance form of welding technology. Today most of the plastic manufacturing companies are preferring laser plastic welding technology over traditional welding. This has boosted the demand of laser plastic welding in global market and is anticipated to show a positive growth of laser plastic welding market.

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However, the High initial capital requirement to set up the technology is a major concern for small and local manufacturing units. Furthermore, the complexity along with the challenges relating to fiber material may restrain the growth of laser plastic welding market over the forecast period.

Laser Plastic Welding Market- Market Segmentation:

Global laser plastic welding market is segmented on the basis of welding types, technology and end use. On the basis of welding type, Laser Plastic Welding market can be segmented into CO2 laser welding and transmission laser welding. Transmission laser welding is being preferred by the manufacturer over CO2 laser welding due to its ability of transmitting laser beam over silica optical fiber. On the basis of technology, laser plastic welding market can be segmented into contour welding, simultaneous welding, quasi-simultaneous welding and mask welding. Contour welding accounts for the largest share of the overall market of Laser Plastic Welding. On the basis of end use, Laser Plastic Welding market can be segmented into automobile, medical, electronics, textiles and others. Automobile followed by electronics are expected to maintain the highest market share in laser plastic welding market over the forecast period.

Laser Plastic Welding Market – Regional Outlook:

Geographically, the global laser plastic welding market is segmented into North America's laser plastic welding market, Latin America's laser plastic welding market, Europe's laser plastic welding market, Asia-Pacific's laser plastic welding market and the Middle East & Africa's laser plastic welding market. The global laser plastic welding market is expected to witness a significant CAGR over the forecast period of 2016-2024. Moreover, North America dominates the global laser plastic welding market and the trend is expected follow the same over the forecast period due to the ability of early adoption of advanced technology by the manufacturing sector. Asia-Pacific for its extensive evolution of the industrial sector in countries such as India & China is anticipated to follow North America. Rest of the world is expected to show a steady growth during the forecast period.

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Laser Plastic Welding Market – Major Players:

Some of the major players identified across the globe in the laser plastic welding market are leister, LPKF, DUKANE, Trumph, Emerson, clearweld, Laser Micronics GmbH and Thomasnet.

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