FundedByMe and Privanet Securities Oy announce successful closure of 1.2 M € round as first Joint Venture collaboration in Finland

The Finnish media-platform builder BCaster has collected 1.2 million € funding in record time. Via Privanet ’s and FundedByMe’s crowdfunding platform the funding was completed in days and 1 million € was collected in less than 24 hours. This crowdfunding round was exclusive for previously registered investors from Finland and abroad. For more information on Bcaster’s campaign : please visit:

Since the announcement of the collaboration between FundedByMe and Privanet on the 25th of August, that the two platforms are joining forces, the platforms have been working on the integration and now successfully overfund the first campaign.

The campaign attracted over 100 new investors  of which over 60 joined through the FundedByMe platform. The remainder are stemming from the existing investor base of Privanet . The largest single investment was well over 100.000 € and the smallest being € 1000, which had been set as the minimum by Bcaster. For more information on Bcaster please visit: .

The Privanet team is very satisfied to see the investments matched by crowdfunding.

The announcement marks the first successful joint venture effort by FundedByMe AB and FundedByMe Finland with Privanet and validates the strength of the joint venture model offered by the Swedish platform. This also reinforces the strategy taken by FundedByMe in establishing glocal beach fronts with local partners, by created joint ventures run independently by local CEOs. FundedByMe is expecting this form of collaboration to expand rapidly in 2018.

About FundedByMe :

FundedByMe is one of the only full-service crowdfunding platforms offering capital through equity crowdfunding. In the past years, some 470 companies from 25 different countries have been successfully funded with more than 45 M €. The member base is a rapidly expanding network of more than 100,000 investors from over almost all countries around the world. FundedByMe is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with a local presence in 6 countries Dubai, Finland, Malaysia, Mexico and Singapore. For more information, visit:

Press contact:

Daniel Daboczy
CEO,   FundedByMe
+46 (0)736 26 99 85
[email protected]

Casper Grönblom
Partner,  FundedByMe Finland
+358 40 555 4681
[email protected]


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