Former CIA agent wants to buy Twitter to exclude Trump

Valerie Plame Wilson  is on a mission to remove U.S. President Donald Trump from Twitter.

The former CIA agent has launched a crownd funding campaign to buy Twitter shares, in order to suspend the account of Donald Trump, his favorite communication tool.

“Donald Trump did a lot of horrible things on Twitter. His tweets, which encourage white supremacists or call for violence against journalists, hurt this country and its people. But threatening North Korea with a nuclear war makes us take an additional, dangerous step. We have to close our account, “she explained on the crowdfunding platform” GoFundMe “.

Her plan is simple, even if unrealizable: generate a billion dollars to redeem shares of Twitter and then pressure the company to suspend the account of the president.

Donald Trump’s use of the social network is highly contested. His untimely tweets sometimes take his administration short, especially when he announced in July to wanted to prohibit transgender people from working for the US military.

Most of the time, the billionaire speaks from his personal account, @realDonaldTrump , and not from the official account @POTUS .

He deleted several of his tweets, notably because of typos, provoking the ire of his detractors. The law requires that the president’s public messages be archived.

Mr. Trump also blocked some users. Several of them filed a lawsuit against him, accusing him of infringing freedom of expression by denying them access to his account.

Valerie Plame Wilson is a former CIA agent whose career was broken after her husband diplomat revealed in 2003 the lies of the Bush administration on the threat posed by Iraq. The American administration then replied by revealing its identity and its function in the press. Revealing a classified identity secret defense to the press is yet a federal crime in the United States Launched last week, the participatory fundraising campaign had generated just over $ 6000 on Wednesday, with some Internet users giving up to $ 100. The action Twitter was worth Wednesday 16.77 dollars on Wall Street, which valorizes the group to 12.37 billion dollars.

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