Cistanche Deserticola Extract Market Intelligence Report for Comprehensive Information 2017 – 2025

New York, NY — 11/15/2017 — Cistanche Deserticola Extract Market Introduction:

Cistanche Deserticola which belongs to the family of Orobanchaceae commonly known as Rou Congrong, a herb native to china widely used for its aphrodisiac benefits. Cistanche deserticola is widely distributed in deserts of China, Japan, and Mongolia. Its extract has been widely used in the form of powder and can be used in Functional food, dietary supplements, health care products and pharmaceuticals. It is beneficial for vital function of the kidney, induces laxation, and bowel symptoms in the elderly people. It is a rich source of anti-oxidants and an effective cure for bladder infections. Increasing awareness of its aphrodisiac benefits and other therapeutic functions drive an increase in demand in the global market.

Cistanche Deserticola Extract Market Segmentation:

Cistanche deserticola extract market is segmented on the basis of product form, application, and distribution channels.

On the basis of product form, cistanche deserticola extract market segments include liquid, powder and dried. Among all of these, powder segment holds the major share and is expected to register a growth during the forecasted period. Cistanche deserticola extract widely used in the treatment of bladder infections and as a dietary supplement. Some research shows that cistanche deserticola extract can reduce bowel symptoms in elderly people.

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On the basis of application, cistanche deserticola extract market segments include functional food, health drinks, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, therapeutic medicine and others. Among all of these, therapeutic medicine segment holds the major share and is expected to register a steady growth over the forecasted period. Followed by functional food segment as food additive and is expected to fuel the market over the forecasted period. The cistanche deserticola extract market has also been closely tied with dietary supplements and aphrodisiac symptoms.

On the basis of distribution channels, it is segmented into direct selling, distributors, wholesalers, and online. Among these, the online is expected to gain major revenue shares over the forecast period.

Cistanche Deserticola Extract Market Regional Outlook:

On the basis of regions, cistanche deserticola extract market is segmented into following key regions; North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Western Europe, Asia Pacific & Japan, and The Middle East and Africa.

Among all of these, Asia Pacific grabs the major share of global cistanche deserticola extract market. Consumption of cistanche deserticola extract which benefits aphrodisiac feelings have more demand in global market and it is expected to grow at a steady rate. China is one of the major supplier of cistanche deserticola extract serving traditional therapeutic sector. Followed by other developing regions and is expected to register an increase in consumption of cistanche deserticola extract in global market over the forecasted period. Increasing awareness regarding medicinal benefits in bladder infections and bowel movements increase demand in developed countries and is expected to generate revenue contributing to global market revenue.

Cistanche Deserticola Extract Market Dynamics:

The rise in demand for treatment for aphrodisiac disease is expected to drive the growth of global cistanche deserticola extract market. Cistanche deserticola extract is a rich source of echinacoside possess multiple pharmacological activities beneficial to treat kidney disorders. It also helps to cure symptoms of the central nervous system, neurodegenerative disorders, etc. the market is also driven by the increasing awareness among the consumers about the health benefits associated with cistanche deserticola extract. Varieties of other natural herbs with same therapeutic values is one of the restraints to decline the growth of cistanche deserticola extract.

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Cistanche Deserticola Extract Market Key Players:

Some of the key players participating the global cistanche deserticola extract market include Nutra Green Biotechnology Co. Ltd, Ron Teeguarden Enterprises, Inc., Organic Herb Inc., ANDY BIOTECH Co. Ltd, and Shaanxi Undersun Biomedtech Co., Ltd.

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