Nimble Real Estate Boosted the Sinology Cultural Inheritance 番禺区诗词大赛上演巅峰对决 敏捷地产助力国学文化传承

Recently, the concluding of the Panyu Poetry Contest for primary and secondary school students unfolded a vigorous mass campaign for classics of sinology. Nimble Real Estate took an active part in promoting and coordinating the Contest…


Recently, the concluding of the Panyu Poetry Contest for primary and secondary school students unfolded a vigorous mass campaign for classics of sinology. Nimble Real Estate took an active part in promoting and coordinating the Contest to popularize the Chinese traditional culture and boost the classical sinology culture inheritance. On the Finals, officers from Nimble Real Estate attended the event and joined the prize-awarding ceremony.



The Finals, integrated classical poems with Lingnan poetries and poems that reflect the local culture, was divided into five parts of drinkers’ wager games, of which the competitors need to supply antithesis to a given phrase according to the particular proposition. Beside the accumulation and flexible application of poetry by competitors, the evaluation criterion took comprehension and analysis as well as expansion and extension by competitors into consideration. After two hours’ intensive competition, Chen Ruiqi, Huang Lihua and Zhang Yifan won the first, second and third prize respectively in the secondary school group.



During the six months’ competition, over 200,000 students from more than 200 primary and secondary schools participated in the mass election and online interactive broke 400,000, fostering the enthusiasm of studying the Chinese poetry in Panyu.



The Report of 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward, “We will draw on China’s fine traditional culture, keep alive and develop its vision, concepts, value and moral norms, and do so in a way that responds to the call of our era. With this we will see that Chinese culture maintains its appeal and evolves with the times.” As an responsible enterprise with strong sense of social responsibility, Nimble Real Estate profoundly studies and implements the spirit of the Report, and actively advocates the pass on and carry forward of Chinese excellent traditional culture , and promotes the local education as well as the construction and development of traditional culture.


Tan Bingzhao, president of Nimble, stated that “Wisdom in hold, elegance in mold. The influence of classical sinology knowledge on children is subtle. The Chinese poetries condensed essence Chinese culture of thousands of years. Learning Chinese poetry can not only lay a firm foundation for children’s Chinese language, but also help to cultivate their cultural confidence and humanistic literacy and build correct outlook on life and values.”



As one of the Top 100 Chinese Real Estate Developers, Nimble never fails to fulfill its responsibilities and repay the society, it always actively promotes the development of social and public welfare and charity undertakings. The success of this Poetry Contest was benefit from the strong support of Nimble Charitable Fund in Panyu Charity Association. Till now, Nimble Real Estate has donated more than 300 million CNY for a variety of social undertakings, namely poverty alleviation, disaster relief, education, medical care, culture and sports. In future, Nimble will continue to focus on the development of various social undertakings, and take initiative to shoulder the social responsibilities of a company and contribute to the development of society.

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