MTGamer is actively exploring Asia eSports market and target to become the NBA of Asia eSports industry

HONG KONG, CHINA–(Marketwired – Nov 14, 2017) – eSports overwhelmed the world recently and became a medal event at the 2022 Asian Games. MTGamer, the leading brand of game information platform in Hong Kong, endeavored in building the top eSports kingdom. MTGamer set the first professional eSports stadium — MTGamer eSports stadium in Hong Kong. The stadium occupied more than 3,000 feet, located in core district of East Kowloon and configured professional-level eSports equipment and audience area. It believed that it will become a new landmark in the gaming industry.

William Wong, CEO and founder of MTGamer, was interviewed by Hong Kong media including “Ming Pao,” “Hong Kong Economic Times” and “Eastweek,” and he said that, “We will actively explore local large-scale eSports competitions and promote to whole Asia. Our goal is to become the NBA of Asia eSports industry.”

MTGamer, founded since 2015, mainly operates game information websites initially and gathers gamers in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Currently, the monthly active website users reached 1.2 million. MTGamer stadium, the first professional eSports stadium was set up in Hong Kong on 18 July 2017. The stadium uses the concert level lighting and sound system. Individual competing rooms are set, equipped with professional eSports equipment. There are also an audience area and a live area.

MTGamer hosted a Summer Game after the opening of eSports stadium, which attracted more than a thousand of local and oversea gamers, with millions of online views. The match included League of Legends, Street Fighter 5, Hearthstone and FIFA. The Winter Game will be opened for application from next month. “It will be broadcast on more online platforms, I believe that it will attract millions, or even more than 10 million views,” William said.

MTGamer plans to host a Southeast Asian Offline Match next year, including Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan, etc. William said, “We wish to host the biggest offline match in Southeast Asia in the second half of next year. Apart from holding at our own eSports stadium, the match may also move to Hung Hom Stadium. We target to become the NBA of Asia eSports industry.”

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About MTGamer
MTGamer, established in 2015, mainly operates game information websites and aims to serve the global Chinese game market. MTGamer expanded to China and Taiwan market since 2017 which broaden the market penetration. MTGamer eSports stadium, the first professional eSports stadium was set up in Hong Kong on 18 July 2017.

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