Move over Marilyn Monroe; This Year Live Event Tickets are a Girl’s Best Friend

CHICAGO, Nov. 21, 2017 — Despite iconic actress Marilyn Monroe's famous 1953 proclamation, diamonds may not be a girl's best friend after all. According to a recent survey by Vivid Seats, live event tickets eclipse jewelry on women's ultimate wish list this year. In a nationwide poll of more than 500 people, women chose live event tickets as the number-one most desirable holiday gift (tied with electronics), with jewelry ranking next-to-last in desirability. Vivid Seats also determined that, while 50 percent of women have never received tickets as gifts, they would love to get them this year. An additional 10 percent of women are for the first time considering adding gift tickets to their holiday wish list.

“Women aren't the only ones wishing for live event tickets this year, 51 percent of men surveyed also hope to find tickets under the tree,” said Bryson Meunier, spokesperson for Vivid Seats. “This sentiment was shared nationwide, with tickets ranking as first or second in the list of most desirable gifts in every major region of the country. “

According to Meunier, Vivid Seats has over time seen growing demand for gift tickets and gift cards redeemable for live event tickets. “Consumers increasingly value experiences and encounters over material objects, so it makes sense that tickets to live events – where lifetime memories will be made and shared – feature prominently on their holiday gift lists,” he said.

Gift tickets generally have “no strings attached”

When it comes to determining the number of tickets to give and how recipients should use them, survey respondents and Vivid Seats sales data revealed an extraordinary generosity among holiday gift givers.


  • The average value of gift cards purchased from Vivid Seats is $200, with one in four gift cards purchased valued at $100. The highest-value individual gift card purchased from Vivid Seats so far was $1,000.
  • While almost 90 percent of respondents believe two live event tickets make very generous gifts, men are 60 percent more likely than women to splurge on gifts of four vs. two tickets (11 percent vs. 7 percent).
  • Most consumers (69 percent) have a “no strings attached” point of view for gift tickets, believing recipients are entitled to invite whomever they choose to accompany them to the gifted event.
  • However, consumers in the East North Central (31 percent) and Pacific (24 percent) regions would be offended if gift ticket recipients did not invite them to attend or would sincerely hope to tag along.

Tickets are ideal gifts for sports “super fans”

Vivid Seats also queried survey respondents about presents for the sports super fans in their lives. Game tickets were pegged as the number-one most ideal gift by 66 percent of those polled. Team jerseys and spirit wear came in at number-two with only 13 percent of consumers considering them ideal. Women were more likely than men (69 percent vs. 62 percent) to name game tickets as the top sports super fan gift.

Ticket gift-giving etiquette varies by gender, region

Survey respondents had strong opinions about the etiquette of giving live event tickets as gifts. Among the findings, Vivid Seats determined the timing and location of gift ticket events is important.


  • More than six in ten of those surveyed contend it is inappropriate to give gift tickets requiring recipients to travel out of town to attend; one in four insists gifts including tickets to out-of-town events should be accompanied by associated airline tickets.
  • Some respondents are happy to give gift tickets for events requiring recipients to travel out of town at their own expense. Men are 1.5 times more willing than women (20 percent vs. 8 percent) and consumers in the West South Central region* are twice as likely as the rest of the U.S. (26 percent vs. 13 percent).
  • One third (35 percent) of consumers nationally and almost half of consumers in the South Atlantic region** (46 percent) advise giving gift tickets for events no more than two months in advance.
  • Meanwhile, one-fourth of respondents overall (25 percent) argue the dates of gift ticket events are irrelevant as long as recipients want to attend.

Vivid Seats for gift givers

For gift givers hoping to give their loved ones the unique experience of a lifetime, Vivid Seats makes it easy with a variety of options available at Vivid Seats Gift Center or by calling toll free 1.866.848.8499.

Both tickets and electronic or traditional gift cards make great gifts, whether the gift recipients prefer sports, concerts, theater shows or other types of live performances. With a selection of denominations available from $5 to $1,000, Vivid Seats allows gift givers to treat their loved ones to something special or simply help them sit closer at their favorite events. Check out all the great options, including:

  • Gift Cards. Whether it is rooting on their favorite team or singing along to their favorite band, let loved ones choose the tickets right for them. Vivid Seats Gift Cards are the perfect present for the super-fan on your list. Available as a traditional gift card with presentation-folder and as a printable eGift Card, in several denominations.
  • Gift Tickets. Vivid Seats carries a huge selection of tickets to sports, concert, and theater events nationwide — ensuring there is something for everyone on your list. The company also offers printable gift tags for last-minute presents or for tickets to be shipped at a later date.


This survey was fielded online by Vivid Seats between November 14 and 16, 2017 with more than 500 male and female respondents, aged 25 – 54 and with annual household incomes of up to $200,000-plus. Respondents were recruited by the SurveyMonkey 30+ million-person volunteer consumer panel who complete surveys on the research platform each month. 

Data charts with breakdown of survey results available here. For a detailed report of findings, please contact Stephen Spiewak, 347.446.1143.

*West South Central region – Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas
**South Atlantic region – Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and the District of Columbia

Media Contacts:
Stephen Spiewak, 347.446.1143
Bryson Meunier, 312-291-9966, Ext. 141

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SOURCE Vivid Seats

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