I Quit the NFL Movement Gives Patriots a Way to Raise Awareness for their Cause

T-shirts give people across America a way to support their country and military

I Quit the NFL gives people opposed to the NFL protests a way to voice their opinion.”

— Rey Ybarra

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES , December 6, 2017 — The team at I Quit the NFL has just announced that they are representing the anti-NFL movement with t-shirts that show support for America and the United States Armed Forces.

Recently, NFL players protested by taking a knee during the National Anthem, which has spurred controversy and hard conversations across the country. Many people have decided to withdraw their support for the NFL, which has led to spiraling NFL viewership and a plethora of problems within the franchise.

I Quit the NFL gives people opposed to the NFL protests a way to voice their opinion. The premium t-shirts are made with high quality fabric and crafted for durability. Each shirt offers an image of the American flag with “IQuittheNFL.com” stamped along the bottom.

The shirts are available in a variety of designs, including t-shirts and long sleeved designs and a range of colors. According to the team at I Quit the NFL, “Together, we can make a difference sending a powerful message that protesting our National Anthem shows disrespect to our country, our military and alienates long time fans and supporters of the NFL.”

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to support special events being held for the military. Orders can now be made online. Visitors can go to www.IQuittheNFL.com to complete the checkout process.

I Quit the NFL is proud to give people across the country a way to express their opinions in a way that can be seen and recognized. More information can be found at www.IQuittheNFL.com.

About I Quit the NFL

I Quit the NFL gives people across America a chance to support their country and the military with a carefully curated selection of t-shirts.

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Name: I Quit the NFL
Phone: 800-746-8394
Email: info[email protected]
Website: www.IQuittheNFL.com

I Quit the NFL
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Rey Ybarra

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