Technology pairing makes connecting with on-call physicians easier


Search call schedules. Send texts, share patient summaries, launch video chats.

Having on-call listings as an integral part of a communication platform will save time and streamline care delivery,” said Stuart Karon, founder and chief executive officer of Amion.


Clinical communication often starts with a nurse or physician checking the call schedule. Reaching the right on-call physician involves sending a page and waiting for a return call while hoping it comes in time. Diagnotes, Inc., a clinical communication platform company, and Amion, a leader in clinical scheduling software, today announced a partnership that will end this ‘page and pray’ scenario.

Amion schedules are now mobile and interactive in Diagnotes. Diagnotes users can search Amion call schedules and send text messages, share patient summaries, place phone calls, and launch video chats directly from the schedule. Pairing Amion’s call scheduling software with Diagnotes’ multi-channel communication platform enables nurses and physicians to communicate and collaborate in real-time using familiar devices and on their own terms.

“We’re thrilled to have schedules flow into Diagnotes. Amion has been helping physicians build and distribute schedules for 20 years but clinicians shouldn’t have to jump to our app to find an on-call provider. Having on-call listings as an integral part of a communication platform will save time and streamline care delivery,” said Stuart Karon, founder and chief executive officer of Amion.

Teaching hospitals and health systems across the country use Amion to schedule residents, attendings and mid-level providers by department and enterprise-wide. Amion is headquartered in Boston, MA.

“People say healthcare moves slowly, but I don’t believe that’s true. Providers make many decisions very quickly every day, but are limited by the available tools,” said Dave Wortman founder and chief executive officer of Diagnotes, Inc., based in Indianapolis. “This partnership puts the providers back in control of how they reach their colleagues and removes a major hurdle they face every day – waiting for a return call.”

About AMiON
Amion manages on-call schedules for over 200,000 physicians and other medical providers, from individual group practices to entire hospital systems. Physicians submit requests and administrators use Amion’s automation tools to build fair, equitable schedules. Switchboard and other medical staff reach on-call physicians quickly right from the schedule or from other services that import Amion data. To learn more about Amion, visit

About Diagnotes, Inc.
Diagnotes’ multi-channel communication platform provides healthcare enterprises one simple solution for all clinical communication and care coordination. Diagnotes integrates with all EHR systems, making it possible for users to access and share recent and relevant patient data enabling informed clinical communication. Workflows include interactive on-call schedules, charge capture and encounter documentation. Diagnotes supports all roles across the care continuum — physicians, nurses, patients and caregivers, administrators and staff. Users can communicate securely in a familiar way – using any combination of text, voice and video from any location on any device, ensuring compliance and improving efficiency, collaboration and patient and provider satisfaction. For more information about Diagnotes, visit our website.

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