Smart connected computing platform for graphics-intensive applications

November 24, 2017 – Criteria for an ideal computing platform used in graphics-intensive application should include:
(1) Sufficient Graphics Performance
Intel® Apollo Lake processors integrate Gen9 Intel® HD Graphics 500 Series, delivering great improvement in computing and graphics performance, including:
– Less latency within the connected devices and peripherals due to up to 30% enhancement in CPU as well as Intel® Time Coordinated Computing Technology integrated;
– Smoother video playback due to up to 45% enhancement in GPU performance;
– Sufficient capabilities to support 4K Ultra HD resolution; and
– Enhanced abilities to process simultaneous video streams from edge devices.

Thus it is an ideal processor for smart connected computing platform designed for multimedia and graphics-intensive applications, such as digital security and surveillance, industrial and office automation, retail and medical, and more.

(2) Numerous Serial Connection Ports
Serial ports and digital I/O ports enable instant connection with a variety of industrial equipments and devices, making automation control and data collection easier. For example, PLCs, sensors, meters, motors, barcode readers and / or operator displays may be connected to an embedded computing system in automation applications; while a computing platform may need to integrate cameras, sensors and / or card readers in surveillance applications.

(3) Fanless & Ruggedized Design
Passive cooling techniques along with a compact ruggedized aluminum chassis without ventilation slots design can provide the following advantages:
– Anti-vibration and anti-shock protection for HDD and sensitive components, especially reducing failures caused by fan;
– Great resistance against heat and cold due to the properties of aluminum alloys: good thermal conductivity and heat dissipation;
– Dramatic reduction of dust that may suck into the chassis to block heat dissipation from the sensitive components; and
– Quiet operation without noise caused by fan.

Those features not only offers a more stable and reliable embedded system for many critical and harsh environment but also enables a pleasant atmosphere for partial noise-sensitive applications.

Quanmax releases a new fanless rugged box PC, named QBOX-2090, which is power by Intel® Apollo Lake SoC processors with four prominent serial ports located on the front I/O panel as well as an isolated digital I/O port on the rear panel. It is an ideal platform that satisfies the above three criteria. For more information please visit our website.


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