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A global directory of businesses and people that accept digital currencies

Providing free, full spectrum of services for people who are searching for cryptocurrency resources.

Cryptocurrency is steadily gaining buzz especially in the recent months, but still remains relatively obscure to most. Credible resources are scarce, and people are relieved to finally have a website to visit where they can find everything they need in one place: The website’s free, one-stop shop nature places it on a league of its own and is a must-use for avid users of cryptocurrency.
The people behind the creation of prove genuine dedication in helping people by going the extra mile to implement premium features, considering that no payment is required in exchange of any of their services.
Here are’s primary features:
1.    Comprehensive directory of Bitcoin assets.
The website provides a directory of Bitcoin stores, Bitcoin discounts, Bitcoin ATMs, and Bitcoin classifieds.

People have instant access to a rich database of stores that accept Bitcoins as payment, people who offer discounted prices for Bitcoins, premises with an ATM where they can exchange Bitcoins and cash, and goods that are locally up for sale which can be bought through cash or Bitcoins. (*Note: Although the tool uses the term “Bitcoin” in labeling the filters, other digital currencies are also available, not solely Bitcoin.)
All of the listings display exact Locations on the map, a feature that serves both convenience and safety purposes. Open hours and contact numbers are also specified.
2.    Dashboard.
A functional yet uncomplicated dashboard lets people manage their active posts. Anyone will find it easy to use, even the least tech-savvy among users. High-resolution photos can be uploaded with each post. Local currency can be used in listing the price of goods for sale, which the site automatically converts to both Bitcoins and US dollars.

3.    Ratings and review.
Users are allowed to leave ratings and reviews for the stores they visited or the sellers they transacted with, giving other people valuable feedback that can help them decide in their future dealings as a buyer or improve service as a seller. Inappropriate posts can also be flagged by users, ensuring that the feed only shows relevant and suitable content, saving time and effort in browsing listings.
4.    Social media and email integration.
Information can be shared online instantly with just one click. Any post can be shared with friends on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and all email platforms.

5.    Blog and forum.
The website also fosters an atmosphere of education and community. Informative topics can be found at’s blog, keeping its subscribers updated with fresh news and up-to-date tips in cryptocurrency.

People are also encouraged to open discussions with fellow website users through the forum, where they can solicit advice from or simply relate experiences. The website employs active moderators to make sure that the forum is a safe space where people can have positive and constructive interactions, free from abusive language or harassment.
More and more users are signing up, making it one of the best communities for people who would like to make purchases using digital currencies, or are looking for great deals and offers. Currently, the developers of are working on a mobile application for iOS and Android to make their services even more accessible and convenient.

About is a global directory of businesses and people that accept digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, Ripple, Zcash, Dash, Monero, etc. The listing includes Bitcoin stores, merchants, people, ATMs, and classified ads for local trading.

For additional information, please contact [email protected]

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