CarWink, Lifestyle Gadget Focused on Helping Drivers Communicate Effectively on the Road, Launches on Kickstarter



We want drivers to be able to make an impression on each other in a positive way using CarWink.

Alhambra, Calif.

Innovart Design has just launched their first Kickstarter campaign for CarWink, a gadget created to help drivers better communicate when on the road, with a funding goal of $80,000 in order to finalize production.

CarWink was conceived under the idea that drivers need to communicate better while on the road. In most driving scenarios, drivers are unable to communicate their or gratitude for good deeds on the road. CarWink’s unique emoji feature allows drivers to select from a wide range of pre-set phrases and emojis to be shared with fellow drivers on the road.

CarWink’s unique design comes in a uni-body spherical shape. The device can be opened in half with the upper half being an adhesive suction cup and the lower half housing the LED screen. The LED screen on CarWink displays different emojis to drivers at the rear of the vehicle. User’s are able to choose from a variety of emojis such as happy, unamused, slow down, need help, pedestrian ahead, and even have a great day.

“The team really had fun coming up with the idea for CarWink. We wanted to create a product that's not only functional and stylish, but also unique,” said Wei Cheng Chou, CarWink Founder. “We want drivers to be able to make an impression on each other in a positive way using CarWink.”

CarWink’s voice control feature allows drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and focus on driving while still communicating with the cars around them. CarWink is also portable, allowing drivers to easily move it from car to car. With CarWink, drivers are able to make impressions to other drivers, expressing their unique communication style.

CarWink is currently available on Kickstarter for $79. For more information, visit

About Innovart Design
Innovart Design was formed in 2015 with a team backed by decades of combined experience in art and technology spaces. Co-founders, Wei Cheng Chou and Caitlyn Hung approach design through the observation of everyday user behavior and tailoring it to satisfy both functional and intimate needs. CarWink’s team of seven plan to improve safety on the road with their new gadget designed to break the boundary between vehicles by using simple, pure communication methods. For more information, visit

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