Automated Technology in the Revenue Cycle

Cash is king, time is money.


Medical Payment Exchange was honored to attend and speak at the Becker’s Hospital Review’s 3rd Annual Health IT and Revenue Cycle Conference in Chicago. A conference that included keynote talks by a number of distinguished speakers including former President, George W. Bush, boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard, and author and successful entrepreneur, Daniel J. Barchi.

Medical Payment Exchange was featured on the September 23rd session titled “Claim Status Innovations: Appeal Faster, Work Smarter.” The RCM focused session was co-led by Melissa Smith, Senior Director, Patient Financial Services at INOVA Health System. It covered claim status innovations and how INOVA can work faster and smarter via a technology many Revenue Cycle executives don't know exists.

During the session, important issues were discussed regarding the importance of leveraging automated technology in the revenue cycle. This technology allows providers to better serve their patients while gaining a competitive edge in the industry.

“Cash is king, time is money…we have strong performance, but what we are really looking at how to be good to great and this is a differentiator,” Melissa Smith.

About myClaimStatus

myClaimStatus alerts providers in real-time whether claims will be approved or denied. The automated analytics provided by the system provides medical professionals with valuable insight. This allows them to accelerate cash flow and help their staff work more efficiently.

Our cloud-based system can be accessed at any time, from any device and any location in the world. All data collected by the system is displayed in easy to read, useable format. myClaimStatus is integrated with Account Management Systems (AMS) to improve efficiency and drive workflow.

Medical Payment Exchange is currently offering medical professionals a free trial of this technology.

About Medical Payment Exchange

Medical Payment Exchange, Inc. provides services to medical professionals specially designed to help them accelerate cash flow and reduce administrative burden. Our unique, cloud-based system enables providers to review the status of medical claims in real-time, up to 30 days prior to payer remittance files and payments.

Our innovative technology allows providers to improve quality, increase productivity and reduce administration costs. Data collected is stored on the cloud, where it can be accessed at anytime, from any device and location.

Please contact us for more information or to set up a free trial of myClaimStatus.

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