Netherlands The – 04-04-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — After the bankruptcy of March this year, Zoe Karssen will reopen its doors after a drastic transformation.

The Dutch Fashion Invest, a young investment company in the fashion industry that is involved in multiple fashion brands, has reached an agreement with the curator of Zoe Karssen about a restart. The international character of the brand will in the future still exist, but a lot will change. The brand that was known for the characteristic bat print will be facing a drastic transformation.This transformation is the foundation for the new collection of Zoe Karssen. The new positioning must help the brand to distinguish itself in the market. Quality is given the highest priority. The new collection is for the woman who chooses quality over quantity. The future collection will contain various items of clothing to offer a complete look. The new Zoe Karssen responds to the woman who wants to radiate self-confidence, strength and femininity in her daily life.“In the future, Zoe Karssen wants to give modern, independent women the strong, refined look that creates self-confidence in the office, but also in the city.” These are the words of the new management who will be taking over the brand. The new look of the brand can be characterized as effortless sexy, high-end and party chic. “This suits the life of our target group. These women take on multiple roles throughout the day that they often have to combine. The new collection of Zoe Karssen will empower women by making them feel self-assured, refined and feminine. By always seeking the effortless sexy in every piece, Zoe Karssens garments are suitable for every moment: at the office, in the city, but also for  lunch.A goal of the relaunch is to preserve as many jobs as possible, but to realize and guarantee the brands new direction, new faces will plunge into the transformation of Zoe Karssen. For questions and more information you can contact Sissl.

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Company Name: Sissl
Full Name: Aida Alberts
Phone: (+31) 078-2049172
Email Address: Send Email
Website: sissl.nl

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